OnixS C++ Cboe CFE Multicast PITCH Market Data Handler  1.10.3
API documentation
Time.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <OnixS/CboeCFE/MarketData/Pitch/ABI.h>
#include <OnixS/CboeCFE/MarketData/Pitch/Compiler.h>
#include <OnixS/CboeCFE/MarketData/Pitch/Integral.h>

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struct  TimeTraits
class  TimeSpan
struct  TimeSpanFormat
struct  Month
struct  TimestampFormat
class  Timestamp




bool operator== (const TimeSpan &left, const TimeSpan &right)
bool operator!= (const TimeSpan &left, const TimeSpan &right)
bool operator< (const TimeSpan &left, const TimeSpan &right)
bool operator> (const TimeSpan &left, const TimeSpan &right)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsHHMMSS (std::string &, TimeSpan)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsHHMMSSmsec (std::string &, TimeSpan)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsSDHHMMSSnsec (std::string &, TimeSpan)
void toStr (std::string &str, TimeSpan timeSpan, TimeSpanFormat::Enum format=TimeSpanFormat::SDHHMMSSnsec)
std::string toStr (TimeSpan timeSpan, TimeSpanFormat::Enum format=TimeSpanFormat::SDHHMMSSnsec)
Timestamp fromSeconds (UInt32 secondsSinceEpoch)
bool operator== (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
bool operator!= (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
bool operator< (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
bool operator<= (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
bool operator> (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
bool operator>= (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
Timestamp operator+ (const Timestamp &timestamp, const TimeSpan &timeSpan)
Timestamp operator- (const Timestamp &timestamp, const TimeSpan &timeSpan)
TimeSpan operator- (const Timestamp &left, const Timestamp &right)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsYYYYMMDD (std::string &, Timestamp)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsYYYYMMDDHHMMSS (std::string &, Timestamp)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsYYYYMMDDHHMMSSmsec (std::string &, Timestamp)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStrAsYYYYMMDDHHMMSSnsec (std::string &, Timestamp)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API void toStr (std::string &str, Timestamp timestamp, TimestampFormat::Enum format=TimestampFormat::YYYYMMDDHHMMSSnsec)
std::string toStr (Timestamp timestamp, TimestampFormat::Enum format=TimestampFormat::YYYYMMDDHHMMSSnsec)
ONIXS_CBOECFE_PITCH_API bool fromStr (Timestamp &, const char *, size_t)
bool fromStr (Timestamp &ts, const std::string &str)