OnixS CBOE CSM Handler for C++
Understanding Handler States
Getting Started

Handler States

Once the handler is started, it processes packets from security definition and multicast feeds. To get understanding in which state the Handler currently is, it's necessary to implement OnixS::CBOE::MarketData::CSM::HandlerStateChangeListener class interface and associate an instance with the Handler using OnixS::CBOE::MarketData::CSM::Handler::registerStateChangeListener member.

Below table describes all possible states for the handler:

State Description
OnixS::CBOE::MarketData::CSM::HandlerState::Stopped The handler is stopped or was not executed yet.
OnixS::CBOE::MarketData::CSM::HandlerState::Stopping The intermediate state when the handler is not Stopped but not Started.
OnixS::CBOE::MarketData::CSM::HandlerState::Started The handler is started.
OnixS::CBOE::MarketData::CSM::HandlerState::Starting The intermediate state when the handler is not Started but not Stopped.